Effective Communication

Effective Communication

Effective Communication.

When you choose us to construct your home, we understand effective communication is key to a successful build experience.  Our team understands it can be frustrating when homeowners feel as if they are out of the loop. This is especially true when clients are out of town while the build process takes place. Therefore, to meet this challenge, we partner with Builder Trend, a mobile app that stores documents, photos and all communication in one location. This system was created exclusively for home builders to better facilitate communication and ensure your home building experience is rewarding.

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Making It Easy For You.

Paul Homes president Bob Knight says this system has streamlined the build process, making it easier for clients to follow the construction of their home.  “Once we obtain their permit, I send them a letter inviting them to sign up. After they log in, everything they need to stay in touch is in one place. For example, we post pictures, daily logs, and schedules, so they can see updates in real time.  It is basically instant communication for us and our clients.  It also helps us communicate any changes from our clients to the subcontractors immediately. In turn, our subs can get changes implemented quicker and more efficiently.”

Effective Communication: One Location For Everything.

Our clients tell us it is extremely helpful to have one place to go for all communication, especially since many of them are out of town during their build.  “They feel at ease because at any time they can log in and see the status of their home, review documents or ask a question.  It makes them feel like they are actually here,” Superintendent Greg Bella says.  Since our Superintendents use this program from their mobile device throughout the day, they can answer clients’ questions quickly.

Transparency Promotes Peace of Mind.

The program is 100% transparent, so our customers stay intimately involved in the build process, wherever they are. Bob says, “We work with people all over the world, and they can watch construction of their home on a daily basis. It helps to cut down on errors, as well. Everything is there, so miscommunication is avoided resulting in happy customers.”

Teamwork Makes it Happen.

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Our team is passionate about ensuring you receive your ultimate dream home.  We understand clear communication and keeping everyone on the same page is crucial.  Builder Trend helps us stay in touch with you, so you feel more confident and gain peace of mind.

Learn why more than 500 homeowners have chosen Paul Homes. Contact us, www.paulhomes.com,  239.542.0607.

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