fire pit or fireplace? IN CAPE CORAL

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fire pit or fireplace? IN CAPE CORAL

Fire pit or fireplace?

Fire pit or fireplace? Both are intriguing, fun to watch, and provide warmth on those occasional cool nights in SW Florida.  The hypnotizing dance of the flames and the shared closeness sparks conversation and camaraderie. Let’s take a look at two popular options you might consider to complement your outdoor living area.

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Before you choose your fire pit or fireplace, consider how you will use it.  Are you looking for the more formal feel a fireplace offers, or something more casual and fun, such as a fire pit?  In both cases, you can’t deny it….there’s something about a fire that lures you in.


A fire pit or bowl is a less formal option that promotes coziness and community, much like a campfire.  Situated near your pool, it entices family and friends to group together, talk, laugh, or sing along with a guitar. Kids feel involved, too, especially when roasted marshmallows or s’mores are on the menu!

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After dinner, it’s the perfect invitation to linger in a cozy setting and enjoy the outdoors with just the right amount of lighting.  More importantly, this is a great opportunity to step away from your phone and electronics and simply enjoy connecting with one another. 


A fireplace creates a more sophisticated ambience. This option is also much more dramatic, since it can be built into the structure of your lanai, creating an elegant architectural statement. 

Seating is typically arranged in front, or to the side, of the hearth.  Typically, dinner parties shift to the fireplace setting for a glass of wine or an after-dinner drink.  Some clients add a mounted television just above the fireplace to create an ideal setting for evening football games or a romantic movie night.  Even when it’s raining, you can still enjoy your fireplace since it is protected under your lanai.

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Keep in mind there are pros and cons to both options.  Should it be wood-burning or gas?  Therefore, be sure to consider other factors such as efficiency, installation, expense and maintenance.  In addition, some communities have rules that dictate what is allowed.


Both fireplaces and fire pits come in many shapes and sizes, so you can have fun creating your outdoor oasis. They are a great way to gather with your loved ones, take a break from technology, and enjoy the tranquility of the outdoors.  As you think about which is best for you, talk to a New Home Sales Consultant from Paul Homes who can guide you, keeping your budget in mind.  We are here to help you live the Florida dream.  Contact us, 239 542 0607.
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