Living by our core values

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Living by our core values

Company values are the cornerstones of our culture. Further, they drive positive behaviors and serve as guideposts for the decisions we make. Living by our core values directs our actions, unites our employees, and defines who we are.

Living by Our Core Values: A Focus on Improving

To remain a successful forward-thinking organization, President Bob Knight, and several of his team members, recently participated in numerous coaching sessions offered through the Florida Home Builders Association. The goal for each team is to identify areas for improvement and implement any necessary adjustments to better position the organization for the future.


This structured process led our team to uncover our Niche, Core Focus, and four powerful Core Values, which we discovered are the same beliefs each of us already practice in our own lives. Therefore, with every employee on the same page, we set goals and put measures in place to determine our progress and hold ourselves accountable. In summary, Bob Knight describes the result; “We are all working to better ourselves and become more efficient operationally, which is good for everyone.”

Our Niche: Constructing a Better Life

Ultimately, each decision we make is weighed against the promise of “Constructing a Better Life” in conjunction with our core values. This holds true from the subcontractors we hire, materials we purchase, to the time-tested processes we follow, down to the cleanliness of each construction site. In fact, we hold ourselves accountable to exceed our client’s expectations in all we do.

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Our Core Focus: Building Dreams for our Clients

As a trusted builder in SW Florida for 35 years, our business acumen has allowed us to flourish in uncertain times, with a steadfast focus on our clients’ goals. For example, our promise is to guide you through the home building journey, constructing the home of your dreams, exceeding your expectations along the way.

Living by Our Core Values: The Soul of our Company

Each value is a critical ingredient in how we do business, serving as guiding principles. More than a motivational poster, we are proud to display these online, in our Majestic Model Center and offices. Each one is a constant reminder of who we are, what we stand for, and our purpose.

As a result, core values are the soul of our company. They motivate and empower each of us to deliver excellence to each other, our customers, and the organization.

1. Driven to Succeed

with positive thinking, problem-solving, and a relentless determination to be successful.

2. Ethical

by following and practicing the principles for honest conduct in all we do.

3. Compassionate

by showing kindness and empathy to customers, associates, trades, and fellow employees.

4. Pride in Workmanship

resulting in a gratifying sense of accomplishment of having performed excellent work in the field and office.

Paul Homes has been in business since 1985, building dream homes for more than 800 clients. Our philosophy is to build homes of enduring quality and value, forming lifelong relationships. To learn more, call 239 542 0607, or visit The Majestic Model Center at 1406 Cape Coral Parkway West, Cape Coral, 33914.

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