Meet Designer Paula Strickland

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Meet Designer Paula Strickland

When you meet Designer Paula Strickland in the Paul Homes Design studio, you will be in an exciting phase of your new home! This is the stage where you will choose colors, flooring, cabinets and countertops, and Paula will coordinate your Selections so everything matches your personality and lifestyle. Below is an opportunity to meet Designer Paula Strickland.

Meet Designer Paula Strickland: Following her passion.

Fostering an inviting atmosphere is the foundation of Paula’s design philosophy. From an early age, Paula’s humble home in California was known as the neighborhood place to gather. In fact, her mother had a natural ability to design their home in such a way that everyone felt comfortable and welcome. Consequently, Paula shared her mother’s passion for designing and inspired her future career in Interior Design.

Along the way, Paula explored nursing school, however, the nudge to design continued. She pursued this calling and began designing many of her friends’ dorm rooms and coworkers’ personal homes, as side jobs. Eventually, this evolved into a full-time career, and she followed her passion by opening her own Interior Design business.

Fulfilling dreams with Paul Homes.

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Paula chose to work with Paul Homes because of their “unwavering commitment to client satisfaction and dedication to performing excellent work.” She continues, “these values align with mine, and this makes us ideal partners.”  When you choose Paul Homes as your builder, Paula will guide you in selecting your interior and exterior finishes, all in one place at the Paul Homes Design Studio.

Meet Designer Paula Strickland: Paula is ready to help make your vision come to life.

For nearly 23 years, Paula has fulfilled the vision of her clients by designing the home of their dreams.  In 2019 she earned the prestigious Interior Designer of the Year award from the CCCIA (Cape Coral Construction Industry Association).  “Designing represents a fresh beginning and someone’s dream,” adds Paula.  “My goal is to get to know the lifestyle of my client, blend that with their most intimate desires and vision and make it all come to life with such beauty they are ecstatic when their home is complete.” 

Paula’s love of her life is her family. Whether it be building sandcastles or cooking together, she and her husband enjoy their seven grandchildren (6 mos. to 10 years) as often as possible!  “Be authentic and be yourself…and remember to be kind to each other,” notes Paula as she expresses her outlook on life. 

Paul Homes has been in business since 1985, building dream homes for more than 500 clients. Their philosophy is to build homes of enduring quality and value, forming lifelong relationships.  To learn more, call 239 542 0607, or visit The Majestic Model Center at 1406 Cape Coral Parkway West, Cape Coral, 33914.

Complimentary professional decorator service with Paula is included with all new construction.

Paula is available virtually, by phone, or in person.  She can be reached at 406.212.2388 or

–For custom Interior Design services, contact Paula for more information-

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