Paul Homes caters to out-of-town buyers

Paul Homes caters to out-of-town buyers

Cape Coral homebuilder Paul Homes Knows that building a home can be difficult enough when you live across town, but building a home when you are thousands of miles away requires an extraordinary level of trust in your builder. Every year, more than half of the homes built by Paul Homes are constructed for absent home owners – people who have not yet relocated to Florida, or who are simply building a dream vacation home. While most of those home buyers live in the United States, several each year are based in Europe. Here’s how Paul Homes caters to out-of-town buyers.

“Because so many of our customers over the years have been based outside of the US, we have a proven process,” says Bob Knight. “If the homeowner is local, we meet with them as needed throughout the building process. If they are flying in from out of town, we develop and adhere to an extremely tight schedule, so that they accomplish everything that needs to be done in the time they have available.”

“My time in Florida is very limited,” explained one of our many out-of-town customers. “Paul Homes was responsive to me when I was up north. They went over items with pictures and spoke with me over the phone. Other builders refuse to work that way, they insist that you come in and discuss things. I went down there with my wife for three days and we picked out everything for the house. They made it simple. They had all my meetings scheduled, with no lag time. They got it all done.”

The process worked just as well for Swiss buyers. “I visited once or twice during the building. It wasn’t really necessary but it gave me a reason to be here. I got information with pictures and videos. My REALTOR was the contact person. All I needed to know came from my REALTOR and Bob. Every time there was something happening there were more photos and more video. When you send money, you want to see what is going on, and we did. It took nine months from contract to completion and the experience was far easier and more pleasant than expected. “There was not one point that we had to go over twice. Everything was perfect. I had no worries, even when I was back in Switzerland.”

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