Paul Homes named 2018 Builder of the Year

Paul Homes named 2018 Builder of the Year

PAUL HOMES named 2018 Builder of the Year: Paul Homes was named “2018 Builder of the Year” by the Cape Coral Construction Industry Association (CCCIA). Winning an award is one of the greatest forms of recognition for a business. Yet, there is something extra special about winning an award when the selection process is driven by your closest peers and business associates.


Each year, the Cape Coral Construction Industry Association (CCCIA) recognizes top builders and contractors at the ‘Awards for Commitment and Excellence’ (ACE) event, for their support of the CCCIA, local community, and dedication to excellence.  As a result, Paul Homes was celebrated as, “2018 Builder of the Year”.

Bob, Ed and Bill – PAUL HOMES NAMED "2018 BUILDER OF THE YEAR"- Cape Coral - Paul Homes

“It’s a tremendous honor for us to be acknowledged by our peers,” said Paul Homes president Bob Knight. “It means others recognize the professional and ethical way in which we do business. My team, and all the subcontractors we work with, understand it is imperative to deliver excellence consistently in everything we do. Consequently, it’s a message that resonates with all of us.”

Bob understands this award is not just for Paul Homes. In addition, he shares this recognition with all those that support him. For example, industry associates, subcontractors and government leaders. They all are a part of the chain that feeds the home building process.  “We work as a team, and fully recognize we couldn’t build homes without this incredible support,” says Bob.


Bob is a past CCCIA president, yet his involvement has extended for years in many different roles. In addition, he has the utmost respect for the organization and believes it is a key cog in the machine that is the developing infrastructure of Cape Coral. “The CCCIA is what’s built this city,” said Knight. “It’s put a lot of people to work, and that alone is something to be very proud of. For us, building even one house puts so many people to work. We’ve taken what was basically flat land, and have done something great with it. This is a great accomplishment.”

Builder of the year logo – PAUL HOMES NAMED "2018 BUILDER OF THE YEAR"- Cape Coral - Paul Homes

Leading By Example

We understand winning an award carries a sense of responsibility.  Therefore, it requires us to lead by example, serving as a mentor to subcontractors, suppliers, and customers. Our goal is to maintain this achieved level of quality.  Consequently, Bob Knight and his team insist on practicing the values that serve as the foundation of his success. For example, our team consistently practices integrity, honesty, and dedication.  We appreciate the confidence you have in our team.  Thank you for this tribute.

We have been in business for nearly 35 years, building dream homes for more than 500 clients. In addition, our philosophy is to build homes of enduring quality and value for our clients, forming life-long relationships.

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